Articles & Teachings of Interest

  • The Promise of the Holy
  • Spirit 2017-08- bulletin
  • An Excellent Spirit
    2017 The Sword and the Spade Excellence in Ministry
    Standing Strong in The Lord in Prayer
    Pushing forward the boundaries in Prayer
    The purpose of the Resurection
    2017 The Sword and the Spade Prayer and fasting
    2017 The Sword and the Spade
    God’s Building
    Joseph and Mary
    Be Like Jesus
    How does your Pastor Pray
    Pushing the boundaries of me to Mission
    Do Not Neglect salvation
    Speak to your World
    Prayer Changes the World
    A Family that needs to Grow
    How Do You See Our City
    Its in your DNA
    A Family That laughs with God
    Missing Children
    Unity in the Spirit
    Different to me
    Growing a Multi generational church
    September Building into the next generation
    De Toxing your Family Culture
    Generation to Generation
    Attributes of the Father
    The presence of God
    Follow us as we Follow Christ- Honouring Parents
    Think Orange
    Building God’s Plan for your family’s finances
    Sharing your changed Family
    2015 Building Families Deeper and Wider January
    Christmas Holiness
    Who are your People
    The answer is the same
    A Testimony of A Sent Life
    Servant heart
    The Art Of Saying Sorry 2
    The Art Of Saying Sorry 1
    Bear one anothers burdens
    A Home of Love
    We Got it wrong — make disciples
    Practical Teaching
    2014 Deep and Wide January
    Having Fun With God
    How is it Going with your Ministry
    Changing the World
    Demonstrating the Power of God
    Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
    A Testimony of A Changed Life
    What about the people in Borneo
    You are Offensive OK
    Does God Give Christmas Presents
    Go Straight to the answer
    How do you know you are going to heaven
    Spring New Nests and beginning to fly
    Step away from the Shadow
    A Vessel Useful for the Master
    Getting Real Answers to your prayer
    A Very Special Bunch of Believers
    Doing What makes God Happy
    How To Live and and make Disciples
    Kingdom Operator
    Destination & Direction 2012
    Jeus’s Christmas Gifts
    Does your Jesus last all Week
    Priorities and Realities
    Back to Basics
    Are you not in the 2percent
    You cant serve two masters
    You are God’s building
    Goals vs New Year Resolutions
    Business as Ministr